League Of Lust

This adventure parodies the popular video game “League of Legends” and is inspired by hentai. It’s a visual novel genre that allows you to concentrate on the story and the characters and not get caught up in the endless battles. If you’ve ever dreamed of become closer to one of the characters This is your perfect chance. It also features numerous beautiful women in this world of fantasy when you travel around the world. The king will grant you a specific task, but you are able to decide how precise you’d like to complete it. Play now »

Lola Adventure The beginning

This is the first chapter of Lola’s exciting adventures. Lola is one pretty and seems to be a very ordinary. What is the reason we say she’s only “seems to be ordinary”? Well, the thing is Lola was cursed by a powerful being and this curse causes the males who surround her to get completely crazy, wishing for one thing only – to get fucked by Lola! Of course, it creates lots of problems to Lola’s honcho almost every single day, so it is it is no wonder she is desperate for the cure and for that she will have to go for a long travel during which she will encounter a number of times by a variety of creatures! You will meet a friend who will help in the search and may even take care of the crazy males for herself as she’s near. Play now »

The Bungler and the Witch

The very name of the gamewhich is “The Bungler and the Witch” should already create the atmosphere of a fairy tale themed adventure. And it really is! The interactive version of this tale will allow you to explore it in a fun and interactive way. It also contains some sexually explicit content, which is why it is not recommended for kids. You will play as a typical guy who is struggling with women until he recognizes that it is. To fix the problem, you will need to locate a witch to help you create a magic potion. How this meeting goes depends on the actions you take as well as the words you use. Best of luck! Play now »

Teen Witches Academy v.16

However pious a mage you are , participating on the worn side in the great magical conflict will have its consequences, such as being barred from the world’s magical council. The highest level of position you can be sure of is that of a headmaster in a distant school for questionable teens… which actually sounds like a great idea since young hearts are a lot easier to manipulate, turning your new students into your army of the future to fullfill your revenge one day! However, these are strategies for the future, but for now just try to stay as low as you can, however don’t forget to get an enjoyable time too, because beside corrupting the souls and hearts of your studentsyou also could corrupt their bodies with the magic of sex too! Play now »


This is the initial episode of what to become an extensive series of visually appealing novels that not only have an interesting and sometimes thrilling stories but also with awesome illustrations and some even more amazing sex scenes! In the context of the story, you’re playing the protagonist who ends up living in the same apartment with two gorgeous redheads – Johanna and Tamara. While they have the same appearances and personalities, they are different. Finding the perfect combination is the key to success. There are also hot teachers and students around to help you have romantic relationships or just to talk! The choice matters in this game series. Don’t forget our website to keep track of forthcoming episodes. Play now »

Horizon of Passion V0.7I

“Horizon of Fire” is really a visual book that is composed of several chapters and informs about the young but adult enough stud who happened to reside together with hot cougar and sweet looking nubile of the era under precisely the identical roof. Ofcourse in his age it is standard to get attracted with hot ladies yet at exactly the same time that it can bring fairly a lot of issues. The recent moving into the fresh location could facilitate up this situation a little bit thanks to hot looking neighbor chick also it can make all more complicated – what will happen is dependent upon a number of choices you will make during the narrative. Apart from evident visual book element the game also includes some mild elements of quest that makes classical gameplay plot much more intercative along with fun. Play now »

Urban Voyeur

In this game with silent promising name”Urban Voyeur” you may eventually get the opportunity to feel your selfas succesfull dotor who has recently got the better place to work and transferred to large New Yourk town. Here your sexual appetites will soon be having way more chances to feed however at the identical time this isn’t some puny city anymore and in case you will not be carefull enough all your intrigues will be detected sooner or afterwards… but because this is just an erotic game this will make your life not only more difficult but also more titillating to sure! So have your funtime and attempt to achieve the maximum pleasure from all the encounters you will get with patients, your co-workers and neighbors. Just see that game may take some time to upload due to lots of differnet contents. Play now »

Nympho Waifu ++

This manga porn game made in genre of visual novel will tellyou the story about the ordinary stud whose wifey happened to be a real nymphonaiac. She wants to have intercourse no matter the time or the place. As you can probably imagine this way of life can both good or devastating for their relations. However, what exatly will happen will depend from you too because just like in any other visual publication you will be not seeing awesome hentai artworks and reading tones of texts but also you will be making choices at the most vital points of this narrative forming it in certain directions that are not essential will soon be visible for you right now. So relieve and enjoy the flash regardless of what ending you’ll get (particularly as to unlock all of the manga porn content you will need to preplay the game over once). Play now »

The Fate of Irnia 0.41(Updated)

This game may have words”sensual” and”anime porn” among its labels but if you’re looking not just enormous tits but interesting stories that this game will give you with it also. The key events of our visual novel will be taking place in some fantasy kingdom with fairly strange habits. For instance every twelve years that an orcish tribes attcak the symbolism of hero but people can not do nothing with this since they aren’t powerful enough… or at least they were until this afternoon – the day of hero’s arrival when he eventually turns old and possess the right to uncover a mysterious vessel that his daddy has left him befor his own disappearnce in battle. How can it change lives of not just the rest family members but the whole kingdom? Play the game to find it out! Play now »