The Bungler and the Witch

The very name of the gamewhich is “The Bungler and the Witch” should already create the atmosphere of a fairy tale themed adventure. And it really is! The interactive version of this tale will allow you to explore it in a fun and interactive way. It also contains some sexually explicit content, which is why it is not recommended for kids. You will play as a typical guy who is struggling with women until he recognizes that it is. To fix the problem, you will need to locate a witch to help you create a magic potion. How this meeting goes depends on the actions you take as well as the words you use. Best of luck! Play now »

Teen Witches Academy v.16

However pious a mage you are , participating on the worn side in the great magical conflict will have its consequences, such as being barred from the world’s magical council. The highest level of position you can be sure of is that of a headmaster in a distant school for questionable teens… which actually sounds like a great idea since young hearts are a lot easier to manipulate, turning your new students into your army of the future to fullfill your revenge one day! However, these are strategies for the future, but for now just try to stay as low as you can, however don’t forget to get an enjoyable time too, because beside corrupting the souls and hearts of your studentsyou also could corrupt their bodies with the magic of sex too! Play now »