This is the initial episode of what to become an extensive series of visually appealing novels that not only have an interesting and sometimes thrilling stories but also with awesome illustrations and some even more amazing sex scenes! In the context of the story, you’re playing the protagonist who ends up living in the same apartment with two gorgeous redheads – Johanna and Tamara. While they have the same appearances and personalities, they are different. Finding the perfect combination is the key to success. There are also hot teachers and students around to help you have romantic relationships or just to talk! The choice matters in this game series. Don’t forget our website to keep track of forthcoming episodes. Play now »

Melody (Week 1-4)

In this game you will be playing with an experienced musician but do not worry – you do not need to know how to play any musical instrumenst since this game has been focuse don something different. And that”something else” is youthful and beautiful Melody who day becomes your student… and potential love inteerest ofcourse! Follow the story and try to entice her while dealing with all the troubles you might get into due to that. This sensual game is created out of excellent looking 3D and CG based artwork so that it may take a while to fully upload it to be patient. Or you could attempt to download an offline model from author site and even support him if you are going to enjoy your gameplay experience and want to view more titillating games from him in the future! Play now »

Meet and fuck college sexy quizz

This game is going to be about college so get ready to become the student. And because there is the term”simulator” in the title of the game here you will need to do these things as answering the quizes from schoolteachers in order that they could enable you to stay in this school. However, as you most likely have noticed there is also the word”hot” in the title which implies that should you will impress your tecahers (plus they all are fairly hot searching females ofocurse) you’ll have intercourse with them. The best purpose of the game isn’t only to pass all teh examinations and through it to fuck all your instructos but also to set your mitts (and not only thme) on the thickest boosb in this place – your main goal is to fuck woman chief! And this is not going to be an effortless cake because those questions you will be answering could seem pretty hard. Play now »

Dance school

In this new game from”Meet and fuck” series you’ll grow to be the instructor of dances called Jeremy. But there are hard tmes (that happnes monthly when it is time to cover the lease) for your school so that you would like to find any clients that potential. You can consider yourself lucky because another student you get is not only willing to pay for courses but she’s one sexy lady with really nice big tits! So you already know that teaching her will be a fine pleasure… just don’t forget about the currency! Love this story and also participate in it by picking the traces druing dialoges and also play minigame swhen it comes to bang-out scenes! And even in the event you don’t think that your pickup are not that superb you are going to get your manga porn content sooner or afterwards. Play now »