Where is the Milk

What christmas soiree without milk and biscuits? The one that is going to turn into a riot in front of Santa’s workplace – that’s what! But what is the difficulty this year? Well, there are really so much selfinvited guests that you ran out of milk – and there is a large crowd wants their cure as soon as possible! And since you are Santa’s greatest elf and helper you’ll have to address this circumstance. So you never waste your time that the audience will provide you an ultimatum! But where you’re able to get plenty of milk in Santa’s office? May be overlook Claus can help… especcially when she’s young and actual big-boobed cutie who was not milked for fairly a while. So you know the best place to acquire milk – now it is time to discover how. May be you should use this unusual machine in the back? Anyhow this fun and sexy game will cheer your soul even if it’s not Christmas season at all! Play now »