Mr D’s Krystal Ball

Pretty famous anime porn parody game series”The Legend of Krystal” is going to have yet another game added into the listing. This time it’s going to be some type of set of short tales. Each of these is a chapter of the game and they all have some introduction befor ether sexy activity will happen. All of them will be accessible from the start however ofcours eit is recommended to play them in chronological order (simply select them by numbers). And don’t worry – this time Krystal isn’t likely to fuck the army of lizardmen and some other hairy characters on her own. She will have two friends to help her in that hardcore pursuit – Gardevour (sexy pokemon out of”Pokemon”) along with Midna (cutie from”Legend of Zelda”). Controls here are pretty easy and you will see them all in the main menu. Play now »