Sex Kitten – Maids

A delightful and fun Smut game in which you need to think using your brain to resolve some issues. There are also different tasks to earn reward. The toughest task is to collect lots of cash to donate to the magical fairy. however it’s rather troublesome to attempt it, as a result of you reside in an exceedingly village with evil townsfolk. You must nevertheless be able to complete the job and could be happy with the outcome. go back and tidy yourself up. additionally destroy the unpleasant and ugly insects. In most cases, you’ll get a bonus. For instance, when you go into the room there’s an elderly lady sitting on the sofa. You’ll make money if you are able to answer her questions in a correct manner. Then, fuck the well-endowed girl with her gorgeous fucksy. Perform a variety of tasks, fuck ladies and earn cash. Play now »