The UPN v0.2 (demo)

Inside this 3D eroitc game (which is under development so it’s going to be splaying in the future) you’ll end up taking contol of both Crania – that the goddes of Death… and Sex! And that second part of her entitiy you’re going to witness in this game a lot! However, befor eyou will start it will be practical to check customization preferences and also make Crania to seem lore accoring to your idea sof how the goddes of desah and hump should look like. You then are able to setup the scene, then select positions and camera angles and begin the infernal soiree that will allow Crania to earn some demonic cash and spend them afterward to make her funtime even more titillating! And if this brief version of the game will seem interesting to you then don’t leave behind to try the full model also. Play now »