Meet’N’Fuck: Magic Book

This game on the computer tells a fascinating tale about Sherman who is a bookworm at college. In the course of college, Sherman visits the library to scan a wise book. Kimberly and Jeff appear to be in the same room. Sherman is in love with Kimberly. However, he is a bit assertive. Jeff is often striking Sherman and causing him to be embarrassed publicly. It is time to change the way you conduct yourself. Sherman is being thrown to the ground from a previous, strange book. Sherman opens The Book of Spells. Sherman begins to read the book and realizes that he is able to change his fate. The book is full of mind control spells. Sherman is going to get Kimberly to meet all of his needs that are depraved, as well to get revenge on Jeff for his numerous inflicted insults. The revenge is now on. It is your responsibility to assist Sherman during this matter. ensure the continuation of this story immediately. Play now »