Faye valentine sex bukkake punishment

Very elementary hentai parody game where all that you actually need to do is to switch inbetween few animated scenes yet there is still a lot of reasons for you to check it. For example, you certainly going to like it if you happened to be the devotee of the arcade character Faye Valentine kind”Cowboy Beebop” because she is going to be the girl who is going to have the mass ejaculation penalty now. Another reason was already revealed as well – it’s in case you enjoy numerous cum-shots over a female (whcih is that which”mass ejaculation” is) there’ll be something you’ll be very happy to see here. Few sarcastic comments from Faye are also included and once you get thru all the scenes you will get back to the beginning of the game without any need of reloading the game or the internet page. Play now »