Holio – U – 2

N this game you will meet a beautiful, buxom and red-haired gal living next door to your apartment. At night, you hear strange sounds. Today you determined to meet your neighbor. Her name is Molly. She hides a bottle of whiskey, which she uses for male torture. Therefore, first look at the game screen and learn the manages from the game. Knock on the door. Mm . The doorway is opened with a red and big-titted doll. She’s a little alarmed. Surely you should go into the room and find out what is there… However in order to get into the room you’ll need to pick the best choices for dialogue. If a damsel doesn’t like how that you act, the game is finished. But if you are able to get into the area, you have to use it in order to prove… Hmm. . What’s in the box… oh gods, it’s a giant vibro…. Why do you require it!? Play now »