Universal Soldier

So in this game you’ll find out what happened in the laboratory. A military scientist made a brilliant discovery and has been appointed head of this battle engineering division. He wishes to utilize it for some experiments and made a system. The scientist should check the way his cloning machine operates. So today you have to choose the type of physique, male or female. Then the personality can be customized by you. Click on the button and then cloning will begin. Therefore the scientist produces a dame. She has big tits and a round butt. The scientist decides to test her sexual skills. Look at the manage panel on the best of the game display. Then select intercourse and you will observe the outcome. See how a woman gets fucked like a whore out of a brothel. Her bra-stuffers jiggle from movements and the dame reaches orgasm. It may be finer to clone whores rather than fight… Play now »