Wendy Birthday Party Part 2

A 3D game in which Wendy is planning to celebrate her birthday. But how else could you be able to argue that this can be the second half of this story, which is interactive and full of a celebration of fuck and amusement?|This is a 3D game where Wendy is planning to create an unlucky celebration for her birthday.} therefore just in case you’ve already completed with the initial part, we tend to invite you to join us for the next celebration! Half 2 showcases other characters having a blast, and they are now near to becoming Chloe or Anna. But, as we know that this is where people feel like there is an arrangement taking place so for a short time , they join a specific company to expand and share the fun. To induce stuckness it is as easy as typing the word “gift” into your keyboard to find a clue of what to do. Let’s begin the game. Play now »