Redheads in the Dark

How about enjoying interactive and a scary game!? But in this flash game there is fuck-a-thon and lechery and a lot of fascinating things. So the story embarks with the simple fact you have to choose a sufferer… You open your eyes and watch that a strange circumstance. You are lying on the sofa. A tasty blonde is pouncing on your rod. She has fucked just like a sweet superstar. Looking around you will understand that this is not a paradise. It’s a dirty and old barn with lots of garden tools. You are attempting to speak with a nymph… What to do ?? Why is the blond currently looking at you? Suddenly she grabs an old and rusty knife and wedges it in your throat. You see your blood flow on the bed. That is the conclusion…. To avoid this, you need to discover the right path to freedom using game items. Find out whether you’re able to get out of this situation that is difficult at the moment. We start the game instantly. Play now »