The Ghost of Halloween

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A misfortune was on Happy Halloween. A mesos dude was hit by a truck and he died. A bimbo blonde who does not know the rules of the road has been sitting behind the wheel of a car. Now the soul of the dude has remained on Earth to take revenge. So the ghost flies to the mansion where the blonde lives. On the 2nd floor, the ghost sees that the blonde is sleeping. You have to help the ghost to dummy around a bit with this buxomy gal. To get began, go to the cellar and different rooms. There it is possible to find a few things to finish the assignment. By way of example, a baseball bat, a ball of a tennis rocket, thread, and much more. Now go back to the area with the blonde. Use the blonde eager to be made by items. Take off her dress. Then massage her watermelons. And you can fuck the girl with a baseball bat in a pink coochie. . Do you like retribution? Let’s get it done!

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