Strip poker

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If you have played any additional de-robe poker games before then barely you’ll find something new in this game. The only reason you need to play this game is if you want thsi super-cute looking blonde doll called Tiffany and want tos ee her dressed in even less clothing than she does at the beginning of the game. Besdies if you have played other games of this genre then it will slightly be a challenge that you win clothes from her lump by chunk and unleashing increasingly more exciting photoss from her striptease photoset. Overall there are going to be twenty pictures of Tiffany dressed in denim cutoffs and siwimsuit hooter-sling will probably be getting rid of these outside. Ofcourse if you will loose all your money before Tiffany will loose all of her clothes your game will be over and you’ll have to embark all over again.

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