Egg Laying In The Womb 3.2

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In this game you will find out. Two big-boobed space explorers appeared onto an ice planet. There they detected a strange construction underground. Within the labyrinth is covered with mucus. Tentacles emerged from under the legs. One gal did not have time to do anything – her clothing ripped off, leaving her entirely naked. The second damsel was luckier — she had a machine gun in her palm. She starts shooting monsters, but there are also many . Tentacles tear out the machine out of the lady and begin to tear off her clothing. Both ladies are entirely naked. And they’re predominated by tentacles. Now it is time to mix the alien race with all the race. To observe the continuation of the story, click the yellow arrows at the screen’s edges. And you will see the tentacles will fuck the chick in their pink cooters. Andthey’ll make them pregnant. They undoubtedly want femmes for posterity. . But maybe there’s hope!?

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