Diva Mizuki de Ping-Pong 1 [Working]

Diva Mizuki – hot looking ginger-haired with beautiful forms – was likely to have some physical training in the neighborhood ping pong club nevertheless once she stepped it’s doorstep she already knew the only balls which are going to leap from side to side within this gym today are going to be her own funbags! Yep, the boy that she was expecting will give an tedious exercise turned out to be fairly twisted oldman… however what’s going to happen next you will learn only if you will play with this game by yourself! In general gameplay strategy is simple – move your coursor across the game display, click active places and await a few text to arrive ahead of you will progress farther to the next scenes. That is pretty much it… but would you really require anything apart from Diva Mizuki’s cupcakes in activity?

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