Abduction 4 Amanda – the 1st day

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The first portion of the game is about a chick whose name is Amanda. So she went back to bed. But she does not suspect that a gang of rapists is seeing her. They open the window and come in Amanda’s bedroom. They bind the dame and take him away in an unknown direction. Having woken up, Amanda sees she is in some type of basement. Is a bondage & discipline device that is needed for dirty torture and violence. Assist the rapists fuck Amanda. First, click on her clothes to liquidate her. Then commence whipping the amanda with a whip, leaving bleeding streaks on her body. After this, the rapists will take turns fucking Amanda in her slit. The girl screams but no one hears her and her cries make the rapists more and more. . Can Amanda get out to the wild? Answers must learn .

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