A Paladin’s Touch

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The distant fairy kingdom has been attacked by the orcs. They seized the Queen of Elves and hid her in a darkened tower. A gallant paladin named Jorah found out about it. He went into the dark tower and then killed the orcs. Jorah then freed the queen. Expressing her gratitude, the queen invited Jorah to possess lecherous romp. Thus use your mouse to select among three interactive 3D scenes. See the queen give the paladin a royal sucky-sucky. And Jorah fucks the queen in her edible cunt. His fat dick tears her honeypot in half and also the queen bellows with pleasure. Subsequently Jorah fucks the queen in the chocolate eye and she achieves ass-fuck enjoyment. Want to learn what other sexy games Jorah and the Queen have devised? Then let us commence our adventure today.

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