Xmas Pay Rise

It’s Holiday Season but there are nevertheless some life problems you must deal with… even if you are an elf who lives on a North Pole and works at Santa’s Shop! Thus you are going to play with the elf named Sparky. This season, However, what type of problems has? Well, as normal – lost or working to do while paycheck isn’t so long as the list of his responsibilities. Just how to do something about earm a pay increase and that? For that you’ll need to face your patron… or his buxomy wifey who seems to be dealing all teh financials instead of him. Ofcourse she will do everything to escape the ris eof payement but in case you’ll play your cards right you’ll receive your bonus… even though it won’t be mesaured by currency but something non the less pleasing! More joy and sexy X-Mas themed games you can always find on our website!

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