The Maze:D traveller

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Hi everyone. I never thought I could publish a game on newgrounds as a game developer. Not to mention a adult game. Now I'm here. I'm PinkZerda. Hope you like my work:) Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swf record for webmasters: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first version of a new adult RPG known as"The Maze:D Traveller". You've accidentally uncovered a magical portal to another realm inside your bedroom desk's drawer. You have transported to the next dimension along with your room, after being drawn in against your will! You have to find your place in this hostile, new world. Build your harem of warrior babes; choose their outfits; explore creepy locations together; fight through mazes utter of lustful monsters; complete quests and watch some horny, fantasy chicks get fucked. Enjoy this expansive throwback to classic, dungeon space crawling, western RPG's... with a sexy twist.