Slave Nimiara V0.2 (Public Version)

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This game will reveal the tale of Juan Pablo. This is how early it gets at dawn. A girl’s voice. She awakes Juan Pablo up as a result of he overslept. The master calls Juan Pablo to him. First, go to the closet and dress the girl. Play the game with your keyboard and mouse. Then visit the Lord. However watch out, the Master is during an unstable mood. So Juan Pablo walks through the hall into the throne space. He is looking up at the Boss. He orders Juan Pablo to arrange a shower for him. Then, a guard and slave appear up. Juan Pablo stares at the large watermelons of this pretty woman. The Master is aware of this. He scolds Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo was, undoubtedly attracted by the master. Juan Pablo will Juan Pablo be able to overcome the slaveand not disappoint the master? The solution will be revealed during this game.

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