Office pranks

This story happened during the fiscal crisis and the protagonist of this game lost his job. What can he do to restore his place… let’s find out right now. You worked in an intriguing financial company for a lengthy time. But there was a worldwide crisis and also you got fired. You are unemployed. You are sitting in a puny room in which it is hot. Open the refrigerator and drink abeer. It refreshes you somewhat and you embark reading the newspaper. In it you discover an ad about work. You call by phone and the next day you come to an interview. You enjoy the big building you are currently working on. You go inwards and see a bold and pretty buxomy assistant. Certainly a sexual idea is born into your head. You wish to entice your assistant to have sex with her. To do this you need to pick the dialogue choices that are best. Enjoy this intriguing flash game at this time.

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