Meet’N’Fuck: Ocean Cruise

A assignment is received by young photographer Nick from Juicy Nipples magazine’s editor-in-chief. Nick must go on a cruise to a good-sized liner. His task would be to take photographs of beautiful damsels. To select the year’s surface. But Nick is a dude. He understands that this opportunity can be used for his own benefit. You have to help the photographer succeed. So Nick ison the liner. He comes in the pub and meets a youthful and huge-titted gal named Sonya. And invites her to shoot a couple photos. It will be a sensual photo shoot. And then the chick will undress and then Nick take a couple of naked photos. However there are so many girls on the liner. . And now Nick decides to utilize the photo to have lovemaking with all those girls. Will he be in a position to do this? You get the answer to this question if you accomplish this game.

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