Maid for your pleasure

Once upon a time, we were in school, and the smartest of us were at university. However there was always time on campus for joy and booze. So a youthfull student threw a party . All day long, they suspended out and drank. It was dawn. The room is a mess. The student thinks it’d be wonderful to have a cleaning woman over. He works on his laptop and finds advertisements. In a couple of hours, the doorbell rings. There is a hot janitor in the doorstep. She has a excellent bod and a wonderful smile. The dude invites her into the room, and she begins cleaning. However, a student wants to have sex . To do so, you need to interact with the game and apply the conversation parameters. And after that you can fuck that jummy janitor in her cock-squeezing, pink cunt. Would you enjoy this? Let’s get this game embarked.

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