Jenny’s Gym Lessons – Part 1

Max, a youthfull dude from a smallish town. He’s only twenty one years old. A couple of months ago, he started attending training at the regional sports team. He’s got a individual trainer – that her name is Jenny and she’s 34 years old. She’s a stunning blonde with huge tits, a sports figure and a pretty face. As if arriving early in the morning in the health club, Max starts working with Jenny. Max runs around on an exercise bicycle, but his stare can not tear himself away from Jenny’s rounded backside. Seeing this Jenny starts seducing Max. Very tough to run a boner in Max trousers. The training concludes and at the day Max comes home. Wow. There he is awaiting Jenny. They commence drinking wine and following a duo of bottles, Jenny needs hook-up. Max leads her into the bedrooms where she commences to fuck her sport body. His huge dick struggles to get into the narrow beaver of Jenny. However, Max is a tenacious guy and fucks Jenny as a pornography star.

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