Creambee – Zelda’s After Party [v 3.1]

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Our beloved Princess Zelda can be an elven princess but it does not signify that she’s not liking with mad funtime at awesome parties with a lot of booze. However, according to the narrative of the game you happened to locate her after the soiree is over and now she’s sleeping… which clearly provides you with great opportunity to finally see exactly what this blonde sweetheart comes under her fancy dress! But try to disrobe down her gently, without waking up her or who knows just how avengefull the toasted elf could be! Overall the game is pretty linear and it won’t take too much of your time however there is still an extra surprise covert in it if you will explore the loction and locate exclusive object then you are going to activate alternative – futanari – style to Princess Zelda!

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