Candy Shop – Neapolitan

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New sweets are ready to be fucked! And don't be worried about food fetish - this is just another one vignette from hilarious anime porn series"Candy Shop". New day means new experiments on making something sweet and delicious into something sweet, delicious and... screwable! Andour group consisiting of her assistant, scientis lady and looks-like-he-is-the-only-normal-dude-here Andrew are going to use ice-cream! Well, looks like somenoe is about to freeze his dick off... Funny story and a series of minigames signifying anime porn scenes is what you can expect from any game out of"Candy Shop" series so if you are not a worshipper of this game yet then most likely you will be after playing this one! And don't forget to check for many other scenes on our website!