Alena 2: Police Story

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The cop girl whose name is Alena is on a call. She arrives at the old house. A nymph takes a flashlight and enters the palace. First you need to solve the puzzle and open the doorway. Click on the images to do this. Hence the building is black and the dame ends on the flashlight. Suddenly somebody will declare that the dame. Following a duo of hours, then Alena wakes up at the cellar. She is downright nude. Near her is just another nymph. She’s tied to the ceiling. What a unusual place! ??! Click on another dame. The gotta set her free. With this you have to fix one more puzzle. As shortly as you do that, you will have the opportunity for fuck-fest scenes. Look at these damsels will have lovemaking with the girls. And someone will ensue along thru the camera onto the ceiling. . Interesting !? Let’s begin the game and find out what will happen next.

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