Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten: Armageddon!

An additional hentai game about Sex Kitten has eventually made it - it brings the Armageddon to the whole world! And that armageddon occurred right whenever your girlfrind Slutty McSlut desired to eat her breakfast! Well, it seems that if that one is ruined you will need to find her another one... yeah, using an armageddon still operating... at least now you'll find the uper Desert Eagle pistol! In terms of the main gameplay it's still what you enjoy - going around different areas, fulfill bizarre characters and finishing their jobs (such as hammer the record of groping ginger-haired's huge milk cans in 30 seconds). Not to mention you will get hentai animations and pictures as reward - sometimes even entire set of these from 1 character! But will you be resilent enough to return to Slutty McSlut? Or will you even want to?

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