Red riding hood

Red Riding Hood and Gloomy Forest

New edition of this well know fairy tale about the adventures of Red Riding Hood in the forest. But here wolf won't be seen by you as her main enemy - actually this time it will be the whole magic forest agains our leading lady! The matter is that our lady is not so littl eanymore along with her bumpers are so big and appealing that each and evey person that lives in the forest is planing to have fun them but who will get lucky in the end is the puzzle that you will learn only in the event that you will play this game by yourself! Familiar characters and a few new developments to the old school tale will maintain your intterest even in the event that you have heard this story a thousand times before... or is it that the look of main heroine who's actually seems mor elike a pornstar? This is something that everybody can decide for himself.

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