The Rise of Bhaal Alpha 0.0.1

If you don't mind it when besides hook-up scenes and basic gameplay game is also packed with interesting story based on mythology then you going to like this game. And you very likely already has recognized Bhaal's title in the name - that' srightthe ruler of Gehenna! You might say"No, since I remeber Lucifer is that the ruler of Gehenna" but that is the deal - Lucifer has discovered a loophole, and it has escaped from his responsibilities of being the King of Hell leaving this role to Bhaal his son-in-law. He has great responsobilty but actually not so excellent power. With some help from his step-sister Ullene he is going to not only disclose Lucifer's masterplan but also to stop it. Are they likely to do this? To find this out you will need to play with this game yourself!

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