Mokoto Blowjob

Don't mind about all these japanese words in the main menu because all that you indeed should know about this game is that Mokoto loves to suckcock! Click here on big button in the main menu (there is only 1 button ) and see Makoto in action. Blowjob is the most important theme of this game - Mokoto will not even get nude as most of taht is to suck this penis that she has right in fornt of her face. And is she gon nana do it? Well, this is what you can determine as a player - choose one of the icons on teh right side of the screen to see Mokoto munching, sucking and deepthroating this big dude! Also there won't be pleasure clubs that you need to fill - you can use cum-shot oprtion at any time when you sense it is time! In other words - simple game for all worshippers of blowjobs outside there.

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