This game will appeal to devotees of sadism & masochism and some sexual manhandle of a person. So the story begins in a puny town. You are an ordinary worker who is engaged in electrified welding, in whom everything in life is very excellent. You work from morning to day and receive really tired in the end of the week. Suddenly an interesting letter was received by you. There's an invitation to a closed sadism & masochism party. You definitely need to move there. In a duo of hours you'll see this location. It appears to be an old deserted mansion. You knock on the door and it opens a dame with XXL tits. From surprise, you lost your mind. The female invites you to go inwards. Thus, you inject the room and see a buxom damsel. Her name is Rachel. She wants to idiot around a bit. And do not mind doing it. Use the dialogue options to engage in ultra-kinky fuckfest. So let's embark the game instantaneously.

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