Clinic Doctor

In this game you'll meet awesome looking redhead who comes to go to a doc. Well, she is too hot so there's absolutely no reason to inform her that you are not a physician! Quite the opposite - inform her that you are a physician and you aread y to examine her body at the moment! The game is a mix of dialog quest and signature minigame. First you'll need to talk her into undressing by selecting one line out of three. Then you'll have to discover the ideal order of deeds that will permit not just to remove her panties but stir further to closer examination of her assets... After you'll see the cause of her troubles she will be so gratefull which she will let one to fuck her right here or on the couch - the choice is your choice... as the option of means by which you'll be fucking her rest part of this game.

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Wrong analysis

How often do you go to the doctor? And how often do you have to take tests? Of course, in such a private matter, it's impossible to avoid some... hiccups and misunderstandings, right? So the hero of this short story managed to get into trouble, handing over the analysis that the doctor appointed him. Fulfilling the instruction, the hero comes to the office, where pairs of handsome nurses give him a jar for analysis and leave him in private with himself. What would you do in the place of our hero? He did what he himself saw fit. How did this story end, you'll find out by watching this short humorous cartoon with good comic animation and background music. Prepare to have fun, because in the next few minutes you will laugh heartily and won't stop! Just press play!

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