Robert the Unfaithful

Within this erotic game you'll be enjoying as Robert. He's a youthfull succesfull boy with wifey Vivaian and she is hot as hell. And he has a secretary Jennifer - who is hot as hell the less! Robert gets a suck off from his wifey every day which rather gives him a bit so he can not wait to meet his secretary - along with her items will go far more arousing! The narrative is told by dialogs and beautiful 3D pictures with animated components. Sometimes you will need to pick dialog options... and sometimes you will have to seek out active spots on sexy girl's body to take off her clothes for example! Besides undressing there'll soon be touching minigames. And of course sexy minigames as well! Will our hero get blessed with just two greatest chicks in town sans them knowing each other? Play the game to discover the answer!

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