This game is some type of parody on renowned character known as Vampirella. So if you prefer hot black-haired chicks from other world who wearing crimson (yet still scarcely clad) and don't have any issues with fucking alien species then you are likely to love this game for sure! Hentarella is really on her way with important mission but loosk like the flight will take some time. What she could do? To have some lovemaking with alien ofcourse! And don't worry about the fact that there's more tentacles on the screen compared to Hentairella has fuckholes - that she will create them cum! Just click on next button at the left corner of the game screen and watch all on your own! Anal fuckfest, oral fuckfest, double penetration and ofcourse a lot of cum shots - lets just hope that Hentairella won't forget about her mission objectives after all these!

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