Palacius – Gay Athlete

N ancient Greece, people loved the beauty of the body. They particularly loved the athletes that performed at the Olympic Games. One youthful devotee likes watching athletes. And somehow he managed to get familiar with one of them. This is a tall blonde with a gorgeous figure. He invites the boy to his hallway. Then they drink the athlete takes off his toga. Wow . . He has a thick tasty spunk-pump. The boy embarks to touch the spear with his lips and then rubdown it. And gives the athlete a bj. Absolutely homosexual relationships were held at that time in high esteem. And a duo of lovers intertwined in a love ball. The athlete fucks the boy in the culo with his dick and does it. And then the boy fucks the athlete in the donk. They love faggot love. Want to know more? Then commence the game.

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