dirty ernie

Dirty Ernie Show Ep. 4

Welcome to the Dirty Ernie's show - that the world's first interactive adult sitcom. As you will go through the episode you will be presented with opportuninty to switch the story by selecting different optons in key points of the episode and using interactive components. Today's incident is all about a contest for its"head nurse". Main pretendents are nursie and thick flo ofcourse. And they will have to train a lot to acquire the title. The one difference is that nursie gets any assistance from Buck during her tainings while Heavy Flo is coaching by herself. And there's someplace in the middle of it's Ernie with his pal Cecil. And who knows exactly what of particular skills will soon be determining in all this competition at the conclusion of daily... There's a little bug potential: when you see"inspection now. ." Right click and press. Right click again and press play again. However, it's also possible you will perform this event without any problems.

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