Are you prepared to dive into romantic narrative that will contain two girls rather than one. None of them is going to be your stepsister jen - so don't plan too much about her. The other gilr will be the woman you kinda love and her name will be Sarah. The genre of th egame is visual publication. Which means most o fthe time you will be enjoying cute backrounds, sweet looking chracaters along with a great deal of dialogs. But from time to time there will be some important points of the story when you aill need to make a selection. A number of them will barely impact on something yet some will be Placing on how the story will end. If yo into reading a lot you could bypass all of the dialogs - they'll be skipped into the point at which the coice must be performed (but it's going to be harder to make the perfect choice if you don't have any idea what girl is speaking with you around)...

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