Wendy Birthday Party Part 2

Wendy birthday party persists. Game begins with sexual relationships involving Anna and Chloe. Give Anna relaxing massage and she will turn out to be so wet and horny. Incidentally, if you can't find anything to click, simply type word "GIFT" (not in comments) and you're going to see some hint in the game.

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Sex Threesome Fun

Ever wishedto have a threesome? In this sportyou will finally attemptit if only you doen't mind of a firmof two horny women! The sport is made withinan interactive movie. It is possible towatch hot animations yet you still mighthave to participatein what will happen on teh screen. For example dialogs. Or more- hentai scenes! Just choose one of the active icons for sexual activityand enjoy hot sex video while teh enjoymentbar is filling . The more of pleasure you get - the greaterof sexual options will become accessibleto choose from! IN differentscenes you'llhaveto perform actions by moving your mouse about. The scene will be involving just1girl in the beginningbut as it usually happens in hentai games everybodywho inputthe bedroom enters because he wants to fuck too. Or evenshee in the instance of thisgame.

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