My Brothel [v 0.10]

You need to run a brothel. There You have a secretary. You can variate between several girls that you buy or can conquer. Learn more about the world around and safeguard your company from group members.

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Space Brothel

In this game you'll need to build your porn empire. But the uniqueness is you have to start a network of brothels in distance. At distance stations, in uranium ore refineries in orbit of Pluto, and so on. To try it, you have to comprehend the effectiveness of staff management, locate a whole great deal of currency to start the very first brothel and train whores. Because they will not only fuck with people. And also with aliens. For this there is a special room where you train whores. Use the mouse and mouse game items to interact with the game. As soon as that the whores are trained they will earn cash. Use this to widen the network of space brothels. Do it right now.

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