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Quickie Satomi – Library dating porn

How about a quickie in the library? If you ready then meet Satomi at the library and attempt to make your horny notion! Every day It's possible to find Satomi and the explanation is simple - she is working at the library. Try to converse with her and as this is a visual novel game you'll have to select what to say what to do from time to time. Therefore it depends solely on your choices will you get this quickie or is going to be a different one moment. This"Quckie" show is for those who like visual books with uber-cute and alluring artwork but does not need to spend too much time on them. So quickie here is not only for the fuck-fest sequences but for the whole game as well. And if you happene to enjoy such format then go check our website - as we said this is a series of manga porn games!

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