betty brickhouse

Lifeguard Betty

Betty Brickhouse is always reday to attempt something new and arousing. By way of example thsi summer she determined to try herself as a safeguard at the sunny beach! Her co-worker JD seems to like his fresh colleague and can't wait to move some mouth-to-mouth practice together with her... but she is a smart dame and knows exactly what he's hoping to get out of her after that. But might be she should have take a few lessons from him because now is the day when she will need to use her abilities on practice when some older man in the beach wants lifeguard's help... Game is created as short animated narrative after you will launch it only settle back and enjoy this well-made joke and do not miss the moment when Betty will wind up absoulutely nude for all teh beach visitors to watch! More information about Betty you can always locate on our website.

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