Dungeon Frank Alisia 1.0

New game wher eyou get your opportunity to play girl using lots of different playthings besides usual arms and spear implements. Tonight we have Alisia as teh guest of our basement and this lady doesn't seem a little bit afraid - looks like this is not her first rodeo after all! The idea is plain - you select instruments and use them on different areas of Alisia's assets. Of your deeds will affect two bars - thrill and stress. And you finer not allow her anxiety level to really go too high or it may end the game and also this end won't be great. But don't worry - about this model it's possible to find a positive finish also! Among other improvements you ight notice addition of a mask, 2nd colleague, assfuck invasion hookup and even improved chest animation! And do not forget to check our website for more women!

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