Tomb Raider Punishment

This game will reveal the other side of Lara Croft's character to her worshippers - the one where she prefers to be servant bitch instead of maighty heroine. Therefore, if you thought that Lara shoud be more fucked and whiped real good then you are going to enjoy this petite but very titillating adventure a great deal! After the inroduction will place up teh narrative the minigame segment will begin. Here you may use one of few available tools - arms , whip and manhood - to breal Lara's will and make her into a slut to your ancient mythical animal. Just select the implement and use it (by clicking and holding left mouse button) on different regions of Lara's bod if the prep level is fgrowing then you're ona correct track. Once it'll be crammed you will get access to more options and more joy!

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