The Magus Lab Public Demo

In this game, you will find out a wizard that is cheerful lives. So the game begins and you see a wizard who is in his house. You must complete 5 tasks to have a gaming experience. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the camera. First you have to build a club…. Play now »

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Amour v0.8

In this game you may gain the supreme power which will practically made you a god… that a God of Love! So your only job is to spread the love one of thecharacters you will meet in your way. Sometimes it will be hilarious, sometimes it will be alluring but ost o fthe occasions it will combine both! Incidentally, this is an updated version which now also contains a jungle location where you are able to make matters more wet apart from the climatic zone it is located in… Nice arcade style game where you will have to do a little bit mor ethan merely to click the next button to advance through the game but don’t hope any hard-core gameplay either – that game has been created entirely for fun and there’s absolutely not any need into place too much challenge into it so you will not be dispersed from the most arousing moments. Play now »

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Melody (Week 1-4)

In this game you will be playing with an experienced musician but do not worry – you do not need to know how to play any musical instrumenst since this game has been focuse don something different. And that”something else” is youthful and beautiful Melody who day becomes your student… and potential love inteerest ofcourse! Follow the story and try to entice her while dealing with all the troubles you might get into due to that. This sensual game is created out of excellent looking 3D and CG based artwork so that it may take a while to fully upload it to be patient. Or you could attempt to download an offline model from author site and even support him if you are going to enjoy your gameplay experience and want to view more titillating games from him in the future! Play now »

Slave Nimiara V0.2 (Public Version)

This game will reveal the tale of Juan Pablo. This is how early it gets at dawn. A girl’s voice. She awakes Juan Pablo up as a result of he overslept. The master calls Juan Pablo to him. First, go to the closet and dress the girl. Play the game with your keyboard and mouse. Then visit the Lord. However watch out, the Master is during an unstable mood. So Juan Pablo walks through the hall into the throne space. He is looking up at the Boss. He orders Juan Pablo to arrange a shower for him. Then, a guard and slave appear up. Juan Pablo stares at the large watermelons of this pretty woman. The Master is aware of this. He scolds Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo was, undoubtedly attracted by the master. Juan Pablo will Juan Pablo be able to overcome the slaveand not disappoint the master? The solution will be revealed during this game. Play now »

Slaves of Amir

This HTML5 game will take you to the world of magic and slave traffic. It is possible to be portrayed as Amir the salesperson who is known for being the best trainer for orgies. However, the emir is getting into a lot of trouble lately and it is apparent that… Play now »

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The Rise of Bhaal Alpha 0.0.1

Bhaal is not just the main hero o fthis rpg venture but also the stepson of Lucifer himself! And when Lucifer discovers the way to escape his underworld kingdom it is up to Bhaal to shoot his father place… but only to learn he is not powerfull enough to rule the Gehenna whatsoever! So all thsi situation did not revved into apocalypse for all worlds he might need to find a means to attract Lucifer backagain. Together with his sister-in-law that he won’t just take care of multiple enemies but also unsheathe the dreadfull fact behind Lucifer’s plans and most likely even ruin them… or combine them in order to acquire sufficient power! Ofcourse during his searches he will visit Earth kingdom where he can meet lots of sexy ladies to have joy with because not every day has to be packed with just problems, right? Play now »