Rewrite: A Village Life 0.3.0

The evnts of the game is occurring on the Island of Furria but do not feel that it is becaues of the furious critters are living here or something - really that this island is a very pleasant and quite quiet place where plenty of individuals are in farming and everything that's related with it. Ofcourse that is exactly what you'll be doing as well - you will find a smallish mansion and also the location to get a garden which you will be taking care of. You're able to operate in the field, plant different fruits and vegetables, collect the harvest and then market it at the smallish town near. Sooner or later you will become rich enough to find some critters also. Also in town you will meet several differenet characters some of which can be lovely searching girls and this is the place where the other facet of the game will be revealed...

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